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Travel & Words Spring ’12, Did You Know?

On Sunday afternoon, April 29th, at 5:00 p.m. attendees are invited to join the NETWORKING MIXER in Fort Worden Conference Center Local Goods Cafe and Lounge area. Fort Worden’s 5-star chef, Dusty Cope, will offer his fave appetizers made from fresh local ingredients. The no-host Wine Bar will serve Washington wines, local microbrew ales, and […]

T&W Spring ’12, Launches FaceBook Page

Travel & Words Spring ’12 embraces FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn: the Social Media world! Our new FaceBook page, TravelAndWords,  is launched and ready for posting. We hope you will become a Friend, Like us, and follow along as the Travel & Words Spring ’12 conference, April 29-30, 2012, draws near. A gaggle of freelance travel […]

T&W Spring ’12, Meet & Greet Freelance Writers’ Panel

Welcome aboard to Travel & Words Freelance Writers Panel:  MICHAEL FAGIN, Redmond WA, FL writer, author, blogger and Northwest weather forecaster will share how he is casting a wide net with his freelancing; SUE FRAUSE, Whidbey Island, FL writer, blogger, Facebook and Twitter social media maven as well as fitting in radio and culinary theater […]

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Research & Pitch: High Desert-Bend OR

Browse this list of Article Idea-Starters including categories that may entice you to further research, pitch, and gain those article assignments from editors near and far. In the Know, Bend Details/History Central Oregon’s largest city, Bend, Elevation 3,623-ft sits within the shadows of the Cascade Mountains and its snow-capped peaks to the west. Population: 81,236. […]

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