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Panelists, Fall’10 Seminar, October 2

Terri Fogarty, Publisher/Editor, www.EuropeUpClose.com Terri fell head over heels in love with European countries and cities on her first trip to Paris, France.  “That was over 20 years ago,” she says with a smile.  Since then she and her husband Bill have traveled throughout Europe more and forty-five times in all.  As a travel agent, […]

Fall ’10 Seminar Round-table Co-host, Katy Muldoon

Fall ’10 Seminar Round-table Co-host, Katy Muldoon

A staff writer and editor at The Oregonian since 1984, Katy Muldoon has covered volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, funerals, fiestas and more.  She’s also been a sports writer, science writer, health reporter, news and features writer and tries her hand at travel writing. With her current “Northwest Stories” beat at the newspaper, Katy writes about […]

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Research & Pitch: High Desert-Bend OR

Browse this list of Article Idea-Starters including categories that may entice you to further research, pitch, and gain those article assignments from editors near and far. In the Know, Bend Details/History Central Oregon’s largest city, Bend, Elevation 3,623-ft sits within the shadows of the Cascade Mountains and its snow-capped peaks to the west. Population: 81,236. […]

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